Friday, March 23, 2012

Fossils Part One

My second grade classes are currently learning about fossils so I am using fossils as the inspiration for two art projects.  For the first project the students are creating abstract pastel drawings using the lines and shapes they observed in pictures of fossils.  They used black glue to make thick outlines on black or grey paper.  Next week when the glue is dry they will use brightly colored pastels to create colorful abstract shapes and patterns inside the black lines.

For the second project they are sand casting their own "fossils" by making impressions in sand and then using plaster to fill in the negative space.  The students picked shells and leaves and arranged them carefully in the sand before mixing pre-measured plaster in plastic cups.  They carefully poured the plaster into the sand trying not to ruin the impressions.  The hardest thing for them is waiting until next week when they can "excavate" their creations.  This is a fun and relatively inexpensive 3D project.  It's messy but worth it!

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