Sunday, May 20, 2012

Backyard metamorphisis

I need to learn how to pace myself.  My body realizes it's not as young as it used to be even though my expectations of myself haven't changed.  I think I over did it in the yard today.  Winter and neglect did a number on it.......the yard and my body.

When we bought our house it was in good shape but outdated.  We've spent years trying to turn it into the  place we wished we could afford when we bought it.  Most of the work we've done ourselves a little at a time.  I do the bulk of it because I'm picky about the way I want it done.  The back yard has been screaming for attention for years but it's been easier to ignore it than deal with it because of lack of time and money.  I also couldn't pin down exactly what I wanted (a waterfall and Japanese garden were part of the equation).  With two boys in college and another a year away from college I decided to scale down my earlier plans and go for a budget version I think I can live with. 

The yard is small.  We had a garden at our former home and the last couple of years I attempted one here with limited success.   At first there was too much shade but after the neighbors cut down some large trees that was no-longer an issue.  That left crappy soil and a slope as my two biggest obstacles.  That and the fact that I still wanted my yard to look fabulous even though a vegetable garden is the first thing you see when you walk in the backyard.  I recently found some creative ideas on ways to use cinder blocks and it really got me motivated.  They are cheap, versatile and easy to get.  I plan to use them for terracing, making a plant wall and building a fountain.  I'm excited about it!  It's nice to finally have a plan, one that I think is doable.  I just have to be patient and pace myself.

Here is my progress the last two weekends.

Getting ready to terrace

Moved the compost bin into the unusable corner

Laying out blocks to plan out spacing

First level laid out.  Started a box around the lemon tree

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