Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Second Grade: Camouflage

After working with color, line and pattern the previous two weeks we started our final project which combined all three elements. The second graders has been studying camouflage and this project ties into what they have been learning in the classroom.  Each student  started with a pre-printed lizard or chameleon.  They chose three watercolor pencils: one cool color and two warm colors OR one warm color and two cool colors.  They could use only these colors for the entire project.  The first step of the project was to pattern their lizard.  Then they would create a camouflaged background for it to "live" on.

After they finished patterning their lizards they cut them out and started designing the background.  They were instructed to use the same colors and make patterns compatible but not necessarily exactly like the lizard.

After they finished coloring the background they could use water to blend the watercolor pencil.  They could also use a sharpie if they wanted to define the outline.  (The lizards can be glued directly to the background or you can use foam tape to give give your lizard some relief).

Camouflaged Lizards and Chameleons

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