Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fifth Grade: Faith Ringold Inspired Story Quilts

Tar BeachThe fifth graders learned about the artist Faith Ringold.  We read her book "Tar Beach" and then talked about her artwork.  Before starting the project we discussed quilting and how a story could be told visually instead of relying on words alone.  Instead of using fabric we created our story quilts on tagboard with a "quilted" border made of squares of patterned wallpaper. 

During the first lesson the students drew a  2" border around the tagboard where the paper squares would be applied.  Then we talked about subject matter that could be used for the stories.  After a brief discussion on perspective, overlap and making their drawings large enough to fill the paper, the students began a rough pencil sketch.  Their stories could be about a family tradition, favorite memory or a dream for their future.

During the next two class periods watercolor pencils were used to add color.  If desired, water could be used to blend the color and give a watercolor effect.  After the center was colored in we used squares of patterned wallpaper to make a "quilted" border around the edge.  Black sharpie pens were used to add details, words or "stitching" if the students desired.

Adding the border and beginning sketch 

 Adding color with watercolor pencils

 Adding squares of printed wallpaper for a "quilted" border

Creating details, words and "stitching" with black sharpies

 Finished Story Quilts

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