Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Artstock Entries 2013

Finished my pieces for Artstock.  One piece is a bronze I made several years ago.  After the first and only show I entered it in a weld broke while I was transporting it home so it's been residing under my art table since then.  After getting the weld repaired and a little TLC it is ready for viewing once again.  I re-christened it "Theta".  My son suggested it.  It has something to do with a polar graph that creates a spiral.....did I mention that I that my husband and sons are all math/scientists?

This piece started with a ceramic figure I made a few years back but never glazed.  I painted it with metallic/opalescent acrylic paints and finished with a satin varnish.  The base is a piece of wood from a stump we chopped out of the backyard a few months ago.  I usually start with materials that interest me and work out my point of view as the artwork starts taking shape. I didn't really know where I wanted to go with this piece until I put the two together and got a strong earth mother vibe.   At this point it didn't look finished.  I wanted something more around the head that wouldn't detract from the figure and had a "nature" feel.  After digging through my stash of odds and ends and not being very inspired I was getting a little desperate.  I finally found a small metal wall sculpture I had picked up at a thrift store ages ago and cut off a piece that seemed to do the trick.  A scrap of bronze a little gold paint and some varnish on the base pulled it together and I called it done.

If I had more time I may have adjusted a few things but the deadline had arrived and it was time to submit.  I was just glad the glue and paint was mostly dry and it was staying together.  I liked the idea of mother nature but it didn't quite work for me as a name.  I finally decided on "Gaia", the Greek personification of Earth and the mother of all things.

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