Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Exchange student coming.....

We have a Japanese exchange student coming tomorrow. Because I want him to have a "real" American experience, I'm going to run around like a crazy person today cleaning, organizing and hiding things so he gets a "proper" impression of the American culture. My house can look quite "proper"....a few times a year.....when I know quests are coming......and I have time to hide the extra stuff in my bedroom, the garage, and my art room. It won't be easy to keep up for a week and a half but I'll do my best to represent. I'm thinking it's a bit like when I make my boys wear clothes they would never pick out themselves for family portraits, because I like the illusion.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

KVIE Art Auction

I'm excited that my mixed media artwork "Serenity" was accepted into the KVIE Art Auction.  I had mixed feelings on whether or not to donate it because it is one of my favorites.  In the end I figured if I wanted to get a piece in and represent myself well I should go with something I liked most.  At least the woman at KVIE who accepted it told me it was the best she'd seen so bad she was the receptionist and not one of the jurors. (I'm still waiting to see if it will be part of the online auction or included with the art auctioned on the air)
"Serenity"  (mixed media: foil, acrylic medium, plexi, watercolor)