Friday, February 22, 2013

Kaseberg Art Residency: Exploring Color and Line

Kindergarten/First Grade
When I begin teaching at a new school I like to start with the Elements of Art to get a foundation established before working on a final project.  With the primary grades my focus is Color, Line and Shape and Pattern.  I usually begin with a lesson on color where the students mix the secondary colors from the primary colors and then create their own color wheels. 

After learning about Color we explored the element "Line".  In the kindergarten and first grade classes we discussed vertical, horizontal and diagonal and then the students explored patterning using colored popsicle sticks.  They were encouraged to work together to create an abstract line "collaboration".  The kindergarteners often have a hard time with the concept of working as a team.  It takes a little prodding sometimes but we eventually end up with the table or carpet covered with a giant abstract design.  When the time is up we take a moment to observe and talk about their work.

Kindergarten Abstract Line Collaborations

Kindergarten collaboration
First Grade Abstract Line Collaborations

After they've had practice making patterns with colored sticks each student made their own abstract line collage using paper "lines".  The kindergarteners used colored lines on black and the first graders had grey backgrounds with colored lines.  They could also add black lines for accents.

Kindergarten Abstract Line Collages
First Grade Abstract Line Collages

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