Friday, March 15, 2013

Fourth Grade: Geometric Design

This unit was actually from a few weeks ago but I'm late posting.  It's one of my favorites!  The students were learning about geometric shapes and forms at the time so it worked out great!

Op Art: shape

We started with black and white "Op Art" designs made by drawing either geometric or organic shapes and then cutting through them with lines.  The newly created shapes are then filled in with an alternating black and white "checkerboard" pattern. This project isn't hard but it requires patience, attention and neatness.  Generally students will either love it or hate it depending on their personalities.  It's best to start small and keep the design simple before trying to make a complicated design.

Newspaper Sculpture: Form

The previous project focused on shape.  Now we were ready to explore form.  The class spent the first day learning how to make tight sturdy tubes with newspaper, chopsticks and masking tape that would be used to create their geometric sculptures.


 The next week we discussed geometric forms and joining techniques that would make their sculptures more sturdy.  In order to be successful they had to think like an artist and an engineer.

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