Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back from my blog happens

Wow, didn't realize I'd let so much time pass without checking in.  At first it was because of teaching.  Prepping for classes and then spending my days in the classsroom didn't leave much time for documentation.  Before I could recover from the mess I made of my house and art room it was time to get ready for the summer wedding of my son.  No time for organizing my thoughts.  The actual wedding and reception was primarily the worry of the bride and her family although I helped with as much as I could from 7+ hours away.  Since many of my family and friends weren't able to make the trip I wanted to have an open house for the bride and groom here, which required finishing some projects around the house/backyard.

It seemed like a good idea initially.  Since I am deadline oriented I figured it would be a good way to motivate me to get my house/yard finished.  Some of the projects were supposed to be done years ago. Six months seemed like plenty of time.  Unfortunately time got away from me and I was in a panic  during the weeks leading up to the event.  Fortunately I have wonderful friends who came to my rescue.  They took care of the food and helped with decorating.  I finished the things in the house that I considered a priority and although there are still things to be done in the backyard it was done enough and now I have a backyard I enjoy spending time in!

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